SARTRE Lake Buchanan

CarltonArmsSARTRE, LLC is pleased to present to you this Confidential Offering of an equity interest in 558 multifamily units in Orlando, FL. This project, currently known as Carlton Arms South, will be purchased and immediately renamed Lake Buchanan Apartment Community. It is an interesting and robust investment opportunity for many reasons including the long running history of the partners and the colorful history of the property’s seller.

As its seventh joint venture project together, SARTRE, LLC and NR Investments intend to purchase, make capital improvements to, hold and then sell the multifamily community currently known as Carlton Arms South. The “investment cycle” of purchasing an undervalued multifamily asset and then selling it for profit is slightly different than a “buy and hold for income” real estate investment. Finding the right undervalued asset and coupling that prospect with “lease-up,” project stabilization and management expertise is not any easy endeavor. Then qualifying for financing, retuning investor capital and ultimately selling a community for maximum profit requires a dynamic set of talents, not to mention a very healthy balance sheet by an operating partner.

In its three years of operating history together SARTRE, LLC and NR Investments has a proven track record of execution – moving condo projects and apartment communities through each phase of just such an investment cycle. Now with bank financing more readily available and at such low rates, the timing is ideal for an equity investment in a project with more stable attributes at acquisition, such as Carlton Arms.

If you would like more information regarding the Carlton Arms project please call 888-556-2018 ext 7745.

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