Some of the Benefits of Working with Us


    • YOU will save your credit!  A short sale can get you “back in the saddle” in as little as 24 months.  A foreclosure  can kill your credit for seven years – OUCH.  No low rate auto loans for years and certainly no home new loans.
    • YOU will take advantage of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act – This law allows you not to count debt forgiveness as income.  This law expires      December 31st!
    • YOU can save up money now as you stay in your property without making mortgage payments to your lender.

We are not advising you to avoid making your mortgage payments.  But it’s a fact that homeowners refrain from making payments and save that money for their family and the transition to into a rental property.  This proof of surplus in funds can be the difference between getting approved for the right rental home and getting declined.  Some even sock it away for a new down payment later.

  •  Do YOU need more SPACE?  Selling your home using a strategic plan vs. “bailing out” on a foreclosure will allow you the luxury of time to find just the right rental property to meet your family’s space requirements.
  • Do you need CHEAP Rent?  Again, our strategic transition PLAN gives you the control and time to find just the right rental home at the right price.

Why Work with Us?

That’s a fair question.  Because we deploy maximum FIREPOWER!  We are like a marine battalion…armed and ready…seriously…multiple companies and substantial resources at YOUR immediate disposal and defense…all at NO COST to you.

LISTEN…The last thing you want is a FORELCOSURE on your record.  This is THE most damaging piece red paint on your credit.  It’s the GRANDDADDY…the ATOMIC BOMB of credit destruction.

A KEY VALUE POINT:  Our real estate company Sartre LLC, has the ability to buy your home cash.  We may NOT want tobut our ability and firepower HELPS YOU immenselyHere’s how:

To STOP your pending foreclosure and get the time to negotiate a short sale, YOU need a bonafide REAL buyer…a real, verifiable set of purchase contracts, proof of funds, ready willing and able…hard core PROOF and support that a real CASH buyer wants to buy your home NOW.

This will surely get your lender’s attention.  Many times, it will STOP the foreclosure as our Law Firm fires up its engines and jump starts the negotiations with your lender.  And if your lender hasn’t been helpful to YOU…this is your time rub their nose in it!  Now YOU get the upper hand and it doesn’t cost you a nickel!  The lender pays for their services.

Truth is…the lender doesn’t want a Trust Deed Sale any more than you do.  With a courthouse sale, the property goes unoccupied for months.  It gets trashed, devaluated and stays on their books for longer.  They don’t want that!  Much more costly for them.

Why not work with a local Realtor?

What about Suzy Q. – your local realtor around the corner?  Well, she has NO firepower!  Barely armed with a squirt gun… She can’t produce a legitimate CASH offer within hours…a vetted cash offer appearing actually prepared and motivated to buy – one that will STOP your lender from dumping your house really soon.  We can…she can’t. 

And Suzy Q. doesn’t have a Law Firm negotiating for YOU…an entire legal team pushing mountains of paperwork and making and endless stream of follow up calls for you…all at NO COST to you!  No way…Suzy Q. the local realtor doesn’t have the big guns to help you.  YOU need FIREPOWER!

And we’ve got it…PLENTY of it!  (How else could we afford to send you a $2 Bill!)  And Suzy Q. doesn’t have our SECRET WEAPON either.  Our sister company So Cal VA has a large amount of VA home buyersthese buyers often pay TOP dollar for homes because they don’t need a down payment or closing costs!  And that’s what YOU need!

Because your lender pays us, WE will provide these FREE services to YOU: 

  • Preserve your credit
  • Legally wipe away your mortgage debt (without it counting as income)
  • TIME to stay in your home, get organized
  • Save up money and find you the right “roomy” transition home at the right rent.

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