Van L. Brady is a consummate, professional investor.  In January 1997 Forbes Magazine wrote, “Had you bought every one of Brady’s picks beginning in 1989 and sold them at the end of each year, you would have a cumulative gain (before trading costs and taxes) of 43,000 by now.”

Described as an “undiscovered Peter Lynch” also by Forbes Magazine, Van Brady has managed money for more than 50 years. If you’re too young to remember who Peter Lynch is, Lynch ran the 800 pound gorilla of mutual funds, Fidelity Magellan from 1977 – 1990 turning 18 million into a 14 billion dollar fund with an average annual return of 29.2% – “Warren Buffet like” status in the world of modern investing.

Van Brady has an MBA from Stanford University and co-founded Presidio Management, with his twin brother, William J. Brady. Presidio managed more than 400 million in hedge funds.  Van offers a wealth of investment experience and seasoned perspective which allows him to provide valuable insight into SARTRE’s potential investment opportunities.

Van Brady serves as a consultant for potential acquisitions and strategic planning, and naturally he and his brother William J. Brady have significant investment capital committed into the SARTRE investment strategies.

Van still enjoys tennis, reading Barron’s and the WSJ and his three sons, seven grand children and the company of his devoted wife Diana.