After receiving a Business Economics degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, 1986, Mr. Brady’s aptitude and passion for investing and real estate propelled a career spanning ten years in licensed financial planning, and real estate lending.

Peter then co-founded D.P.S. Financial Services, Inc., dba One Touch Lending in 1996 which grew to multiple branch offices and residential loans made in 15 states.  With a natural inclination towards investment results, Mr. Brady self funded his own private lending company Brady Family Financial which funded and serviced millions in loans throughout the West.  An extensive catalogue of underwriting experience in residential and commercial real estate has been hallmark of his career.

Mr. Brady is a Young Entrepreneur Organization and Management Action Program Alumni from 2004-2008.  In the same time period Mr. Brady was known for his endurance when holding two day seminars attended by mortgage professionals from 18 states where he alone, for 14 hour days, taught underwriting strategies and the benefits of private lending to mortgage veterans.

As the co-founding manager of SARTRE, LLC in January of 2009, Mr. Brady has overseen the acquisition and sales of more than 1700 residential and commercial single family homes, condominiums and multi-family apartment complexes across the country. Mr. Brady’s extensive management experience, investment experience and underwriting experience in real estate have armed him with the analytical and decisive qualities necessary to exercise discipline as the custodian of one’s investment capital.

Peter lives in San Clemente, CA where enjoys skiing, coaching girls soccer, all water and ocean sports, his two daughters and a son with autism and the lovely company of his wife Nancy.