May “Nisso” Bedolach, graduated with law degree from Stafford University UK in 1997. He has been actively investing in the US Real Estate market since 1998. Mr. Bedolach’s strong background in real estate and lending has been an important ingredient to the success in managing private equity funds for the past 10 years.

Mr. Bedolach’s focus is producing aggressive investment returns through an opportunistic approach.  The prolonged market of distressed real estate assets has provided a potpourri of product to review as potential acquisitions.  Mr. Bedolach’s skill set in quickly filtering through opportunity to discover the few gems worth pursuing has been a tremendous and valuable asset, attributing to the success of SARTRE.

Additionally, Mr. Bedolach has been the managing member for: American Asset Group, Alliance Business Capital Group and North American Assets Group.

Mr. Bedolach relentless pursuit for the right real estate assets consistently keeps him on airplanes and in rental cars.  It is this commitment to the goal of acquiring the right assets, and it is his experience and vision in value-add improvements of a project that are key ingredients to investment success.  Finally Mr. Bedolach’s network of business connections and relationships from Manhattan to Miami are at the heart of his work day. Few managers log as many daily connected hours on their cell phone as this passionate real estate professional.

Mr. Bedolach enjoys reading stories to his three young children and the company of his devoted wife.