The Waverly

The Waverly

SARTRE was founded in January 2009 by a team with over 75 years of combined investment experience and over 30 years of combined real estate experience.  Our goal continues to be capitalizing on the current opportunities presented by the dynamic changes in the real estate market.

Our focus is two-fold.  We will continue to buy and sell residential real estate for short-term profits.  Our success in this niche cannot be ignored.  Our main thrust will be to continue to accumulate and manage a portfolio of undervalued, income-producing residential and commercial assets.  We will only purchase property which meets rigorous criteria founded upon two simple objectives:  preservation of investor capital combined with superior return potential.

Since inception, SARTRE has acquired, managed or sold over sixty-five million in residential, commercial and multi-family real estate assets in the following investment models and market sectors:

Bulk purchase and sales:

One of our opportunities arose from a rapid increase in residential mortgage foreclosures.  SARTRE made a business of buying and selling over 900 homes nationwide.  The homes were primarily acquired in “bulk quantity,” dozens or even hundreds of homes purchased in a single contract.  Our primary sales strategy sold homes to local investors and end users through a national network of qualified real estate agents who specialize in foreclosure re-sales.  The homes were sold without any renovation. Mini-bulk sales were also a common strategy of selling our inventory.

Live Auction Sales:

SARTRE’s effective, alternate sales strategy has been to auction our hand selected real estate inventory via live television auctions.  Investors from all regions of North America view the homes during a live television presentation and are awarded the property after a winning bid as they purchase our homes without a physical inspection.  A large majority of our homes are sold for cash.

Acquisition and Sale of Full Renovations in residential Single Family:

SARTRE has managed an entire portfolio and the process of acquiring, fully renovating and selling single family homes in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  This portfolio represented a more traditional value-added approach to buying and selling homes.  Home values ranged from $25,000 to $300,000.

Acquisition and Full Renovations in residential Multi-Family:

The changing market has provided an opportunity for us to acquire failed condominium developments, “fractured condo” (or failed conversion projects) and distressed apartment projects.  These purchases have medium range investment horizons of two to five years.  Our objective and strategy is a traditional value-added approach: purchase at a discount, renovate and upgrade the project common areas and units and lease-up the vacancies, thereby dramatically increasing the project’s Net Operating Income and corresponding project value.

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