Welcome To SARTRELLC.com

SARTRE LLC is a privately held real estate investment, management, and development company. Headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, SARTRE LLC is actively involved in purchasing, improving and managing real estate assets throughout the country in specific markets.SARTRE’s Investments are strategically located in key markets to realize value-add investments. SARTRE has also tactfully created partnerships with real estate professionals in these key market areas to increase our opportunities to provide great returns.

SARTRE was founded in January 2009 to take advantage of opportunities presented by changes in the housing market. One of these opportunities arose from a rapid increase in mortgage foreclosures. When financial institutions which acquired these properties from foreclosure seek to distribute these properties they often have to sell them at distressed prices. SARTRE’s primary acquisition strategy was to purchase homes in “bulk quantity,” typically hundreds of homes in a single contract, thereby negotiating even greater price concessions than what could have been achieved on a house by house basis. SARTRE’s primary sales strategy was to sell the homes to local investors and end users through a national network of qualified real estate agents who specialize in foreclosure resales.

The “Bulk R.E.O.” business was quickly contracting as we began operations. Banks were ultimately propped up by federal T.A.R.P. funds and posting healthy earnings due to large interest rate spreads and fee increases. Loan modification efforts and changing foreclosure laws also hampered supply. Hence, banks were not forced to liquidate assets as rapidly as we had expected, and this necessitated a re-invention of our strategy. We rose to the challenge of discovering new investment opportunities throughout 2009. The changing market provided an opportunity for us to develop key relationships and partners in 2009 and all of which have been continually enhanced. This foundation has now uniquely positioned SARTRE to capitalize on a very sensible yet dynamic multi-market Real Estate investment strategy with capital preservation as our first objective.